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A business cannot shrink to GREATNESS

If your business is not achieving its designed Revenue and Profit objectives, then maybe its time you spoke with RSablich & Associates.

A business cannot shrink to GREATNESS

If your business is not achieving its designed Revenue and Profit objectives, then maybe its time you spoke with RSablich & Associates.

Helping businesses grow for over 40 years 

RSablich & Associates

understands what separates a good proposal from a great proposal is how well it reflects the customer’s perspective. We will meticulously guide your team through the entire lead nurturing process, identifying potential growth areas and revenue streams, and effectively advance your business, capture, and proposal teams toward the common goal of winning. Armed with a deep understanding of what matters most to you and your customers, RSablich & Associates has what it takes to help you grow. 

As a consulting firm that specializes in business turnarounds and business growth implementation, RSablich & Associates maintains a career–long track record of identifying and developing new revenue streams and profits.

We help grow your business with 3 key steps:

Our tactics for growth

Whatever your industry, be it Defense, Aerospace, Federal or High Technology contractor, we can help you develop and implement a plan for growth.

Experienceing limited growth potential,  partial stagnation or lost revenue?


Business Growth Consulting

We take a holistic approach to reviewing your business to determine areas of lost revenue or potential growth. We’ll help streamline a process that you can own and embrace for future customers.

Without articulate capture and proposal strategies, are you effectively setting the stage for a win?


Detailed Capture Management

Our process ensures you’re building relationships with all potential client, creating strategies, and developing a clear understanding of customer needs to cross the finish line with a win.

Is something missing in the hand-off process from business development to proposal management? 


Enhanced Proposal Management

We go beyond compliance and tailor the entire proposal process; unique to your company, market, and clients, and help you put these processes into practice to improve your win ratio.

Did you know?

Businesses typically go through a period of stagnation or reduction. We believe this can be easily rectified and turned around.

Growth can be restored with focus on your products and services, your clients, and your process. At RSablich & Associates, we have over 40 years of growing existing businesses, creating new products and markets, and turning around struggling businesses.

Our Process

Through a systematic, 7-step approach, we identify and confirm with you the issues, and develop recommendations for steps to be taken to start the turn-around.

If you want us to assist in the implementation,, we are available to support you, part-time or full-time. If, after the initial analysis, we feel we cannot support you, we may be able to offer an Associate with more specific skills addressing your specific needs.

  • Understand your product or service offerings, your target market(s), your competition, your capabilities or lack thereof, your cost and pricing structure, your operations and equipment capabilities and limitations, your personnel skills and mix, and your marketing and sales or distribution channels.
  • Review findings with your team and make recommendations on the best path(s) to proceed and gain your concurrence
  • Implement recommendations with your team and measure progress.
  • The end result is that you and your team OWN the solutions and recommendations.

For Defense or Aerospace firms, this is the process whereby you get to know and understand your potential customers and competition, so you can successfully respond to their Requests for Proposal and come out a winner. In many other industries, this process is applicable as well, perhaps simply referred to as marketing/sales.

Capture is the process of building a relationship with a potential client, and developing a clear understanding of what their problems are and how your company can help them.

Typically handled by Business Development or Sales personnel, or often by Executives, we help your team develop the proper steps to build that understanding and be in the best position to solve your prospect’s problems.

Particularly in the Defense, Federal and other markets, the customers use a rigid proposal process to ensure fair competition and that they are all being evaluated against their documented requirements. We have been trained by the best, implemented 2 full-scale proposal operation centers, written and implemented policies and procedures for both Capture and Proposals.

Like Capture, there are well defined processes to ensure the best proposal is produced.  R Sablich and Associates will tailor the processes to be best applied to your company, market and clients, and help you embrace these processes to improve your win ratio.

If requested, we will lead your proposal team, conduct reviews, and make recommendations to ensure compliance, readability, and to have a clear message that differentiates you from the competition. We can secure graphic arts support and other services as needed.

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Our Detailed Experience

BSME, educated and intuitive problem solver with proven business development experience and growth.

Our detailed experience 

Performed two company turn-arounds, from losing money to profitability and growth in 3 years or less
Sold Public Company non-strategic Division to Private equity to enable the Public company to be acquired by a larger company
Started entirely new Divisions within larger companies to address new markets and produce new revenues and profits.
Implemented Capture & Proposal Processes for companies & imovoved their opportunity identification and proposal win ratio.
Improved win ratios from 40% – 80%, enabling the client to address other opportunities with the same resources
Implemented ISO 9001 in two companies, enabling them to be more competitive and to reduce their cost of production and improve quality

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What Our Clients Say

R Sablich & Associates has over 40+ years of senior industry leadership experience.  Hear what a few clients have to say about working with us:

Robert Paradiso

Director, Marketing & Capture Management at Quantech Services, Inc.

Randy is top notch ! I have had the pleasure of working together with him for over a year, on some very large proposals. Randy brought to the table his strategic business development insight along being able to capture and develop win themes and proposals with laser focus and precision. With him on our team we were able to grow our business base and portfolio in both federal and commercial sectors. Randy has the experience from the engineering aspect along with the ability to apply senior management leadership and guidance to every effort we worked on together, couple that with his always positive attitude, focused tenacity, he is the best. Randy is a true BD professional in every sense of the word. We will work together again in the future.

Irving Zaks

Chief Executive Officer

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Randy for well over 20 years. During that time I was in the unique position of working for him at DRC, and he working for me earlier in our careers at GTE Government Systems. Our relationship was always professional and we learned from one another. I cannot say that about anyone else I have worked with in my 45-year career but Randy.

Randy is an outstanding business development professional. His broad expertise, creative approach to problem-solving, interpersonal skills and excellent communications talent enables him to excel in every challenge he undertakes. He would quickly become a welcome addition to your team and you can be assured of his dedication and commitment to your company and its goals.

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